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Posted: Feb 16 2014

Join aromatherapist Cynthia Kasper for a special in-store information and demonstration session featuring Young Living Essential Oils.

Are you essential oil curious? No longer used just for their scent, therapeutic grade essential oils are taking the natural health community by storm. Essential oils, the concentrated liquid from plants, are being used in homes and hospitals all over the world to provide relief from everything from headaches to hormones, acid reflux to depression.

Cynthia will share her experiences of managing her health and the health of her family over the last 18 years using only natural methods and therapeutic grade essential oils.

At the event you will discover:

▪ 10 natural botanicals that can replace your entire medicine cabinet
▪ How to confidently choose and use essential oils for yourself, your family and your pets
▪ A secret technique to amplify the effects of essential oils to reduce a pounding headache
▪ Why using essential oils from the health food store could make your symptoms worse
▪ The essential oil blend that is more effective than Lysol without the toxic side effects
▪ How those plug-in air fresheners from the supermarket could be making you sick
▪ Which 3 essential oils to have on hand at all times

When: Wednesday, February 19th, 6 pm – 8 pm

RSVP to Rita@MillsPharmacy.com to save your spot. Spaces are limited!

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