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Introducing Joya fragrance studio

Posted: Oct 09 2015

Fall is officially here, and it's time for a fragrance upgrade! We have dozens of sultry scents, available in the store and online, and are especially excited to introduce our newest featured line by Joya.  Joya is a boutique fragrance studio in Brooklyn that crafts unique perfumes, personal care products, and home ambiance indulgences that not only delight the nose but please the eye as well.

Joya is best known for engaging with established artists and local artisans to create unique, collaborative projects that pair artistic aesthetics with their extraordinary scents.

Mills is currently featuring several fragrances and candles by Joya, including a limited-edition perfume that was a collaborative effort with perfume designer D.S. & Durga. Their candles, perfumes, and other products are made from top-quality, ethically and domestically sourced materials. 

Stop by Mills Pharmacy + Apothecary to transform a room with one of Joya’s candles or refresh your signature scent with one of their featured perfumes!

Click here for some of our favorite products.

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