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Not all Water is Created Equally

Posted: Apr 01 2017


Water: The Natural Source of Life.

Water is a nourishing source for all life, which makes it an obvious choice in everyone's beauty regimen, whether it be a gentle cleansing tonic, a mood enhancing toner, or an ultra healing, age defying mist, water plays an important role in the overall well being of our delicate skin, but we wouldn't just use any water.

The Mills team has searched far and wide for brands that stake their reputation on water research. What we found is that all water is not equal and that there is a compendium of different water strains each with a personality that is as unique as the region they are sourced from. Whether it be a small region in France, rich with native micro flora, a steam distilled plant extract from Okinawa, or a century old formulation from one of Turkey's most beloved floral varieties, all carry the key to healthy, radiant, younger looking skin.

So pay us a visit and spray, splash, soak, (just don't sip) these world class waters and finally find out what you have been missing.


Featured Products for April:


Bioderma - Sensibio Micelle Solution: This no rinse cleanser, toner, and make-up remover is ideal for sensitive skin on the go! Made up of tiny microscopic magnets, called micelles, that gently pull impurities and makeup off the skin's surface without the stressor of an exfoliant or harsh chemicals.

Avene - Thermal Spring Water: known for its ultra healing powers, Avene Thermal Spring Water is anything but underwhelming. Rich in silicates, amino acids, and a native Microflora specific to France' own "Fountain of Youth," Avene's Thermal Spring Water will soften skin, heal abrasion, even skin tone, and even calm irritation. This multipurpose wonder water will get you to your happy place in no time.

Chidoriya - Peach Moon Herbal Water: a distilled extract from Gettou, a native plant from Okinawa, which aides in the skins synthesis of collagen production allowing your skin to better retain moisture and appear healthier, firmer and younger! A single use of this formula contains 34 times more polyphenols than a glass of red wine which better help compound both collagen and elastin within your skins molecular make up.

Gulsha - Ultimate Rosewater: The use of Damascus Rosewater within ones health and beauty regimen is a century old tradition that has been traced back to ancient times in the Middle East. Using one of Turkey's most beloved floral varieties, Gulsha Ultimate Rosewater will effectively ward off free radicals with a powerful antioxidant base and even lift your spirits. We suggest multiple uses throughout the day and then some!



Say Hello to Pachia

Currently attending community college, while simultaneously working for Mills Pharmacy + Apothecary as a pharmacy technician, she one day hopes to pursue a full time career within the health and medical field. "Mills has allowed me to not only do the job I love, but also pursue a life in academics. I feel proud to work with an amazing team and look forward to many more years aiding in the health and wellness of a community I consider my second family."

Outside of her many responsibilities, she remains an avid foodie and spends her free time researching medical abnormalities; you may even find her perusing our very own aisles in search of her favorite product, hand cream. "During a rigorous work week where I'm constantly using my hands, a good hand cream is hard to come by. I love that I have so many options right at my feet. With my busy schedule, Its just what I need to feel restored, refreshed and ready to take on the day!" Go get em' Pachia!


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