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SINCE 1946

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  • Abalus Solid Cologne


Abalus Solid Cologne

$ 42.00

A day's sail from Mentonomon, Pytheas discovered the island of Abalus in the northern ocean where amber was washed upon the shore by waves. Seductive and warm, this fragrance embodies his spirit of adventure and discovery and is made purely from botanical extracts, absolutes, and essential oils. This fragrance is free from Phthalates and Synthetics.


Top Notes: Saffron, Bergamot.

Heart Notes: Black Pepper, Cardamom, Sambac.

Base Notes: Guaiac Wood, Amber, Agarwood, Vetiver.


How to use: Scratch off a small amount and heat between fingers. Apply to pulse points such as throat, behind ears, and wrists.

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.5 oz