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SINCE 1946

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Founded in 1868 during the Gilded Age by brothers James and Ezra Winston, Penn Chemists was a Pennsylvanian apothecary that specialized in the retail and wholesale trade of patented medicines, house-made tonics, elixirs and scented candles that proclaimed to be the cure for all of life’s ailments. That all ended in 1906 when the enactment of the Pure Food & Drug Act put a stop to the Penn Chemists and the brothers drifted into obscurity.

Over 100 years later, the new Penn Chemists brought James and Ezra back to life with a modern approach and admirable nod to the original chemists’ creed. Today, Penn Chemists present the same complex recipes of rare, exotic, and peculiar fragrance oils that were originally used and blend them with strictly pure, natural soy, coconut oil and an organic beeswax base, which offers persuasive scents that burn long and evenly.

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