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  • Loose Black Tea
Loose Black Tea

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Joseph Wesley Tea

Loose Black Tea

$ 8.50


Bold and robust, this certified organic tea is grown between a series of villages in the lush highlands of Assam in Northeastern India, harvested by hand in early spring to provide a perfect balance between its traditional astringent profile and the tea’s sweetness. As such, this tea can be enjoyed as is or with your favorite fruits or spices.

Bai Lin Congfu

Made exclusively from tender, young buds of the Da-Bai tea cultivar, this tea is sweet in taste with a delicate array of golden-orange buds and a distinct fuzz showcasing the skill used in the complicated hand-crafting of this tea. With notes of caramel and cream, it is an enduring way to reenergize in the morning, afternoon or before a night out on the town.

Classic Chinese

Certified organic tea from the famed Long Jing cultivars of China’s Zhejiang Province, this tea is hand-harvested from the mountains of Zhu Jia Jian Island in the Pacific Ocean. Bold and straightforward, it can be enjoyed throughout the day and will pair with any of your favorite additions like milk and sugar or spice and honey.


Hand-harvested in the lush mountain village of Kurseong in India’s famous Darjeeling region. This organically grown tea from India’s prized Makaibari Estate personifies the exotic and colorful tastes of a classic Darjeeling, the champagne of teas. Spicy up front with a nuanced floral finish, it has a modest amount of caffeine and can be enjoyed throughout the day.

Dian Hong Congfu

At the foot of the Himalayas in southwestern China, the great tea masters of the Yunnan Province have been hand-crafting some of the world’s most unique teas for centuries. This tea is a spotlessly clean representation, with its crystal clear red liquor, beautiful golden buds and robust and malty taste, it is as much a work of art as it is an unforgettable tea.

Keemum Congfu

Partnering with famed masters in the Tangyang Village of China’s Fujian Province, Joseph Wesley’s Black Tea No. 5 is a complex tea that has all the characteristics of an outstanding black tea: tightly rolled leaves, auburn liquor, sugary aroma and an unforgettably sweet taste that grows in complexity the more it is steeped.

Lapsang Souchong

Malty, robust and full-bodied, this tea is as sensual in appearance as it is seductive in taste. Beautifully balancing smoky undertones with plum and chocolate overtones, it’s harvested in the famed tea gardens of the Wu Yi Shan rock cliffs and crafted by the tea masters of the Tong Cheng Village in China’s Fujian Province.

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