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SINCE 1946

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  • Chakra Blend
  • Chakra Blend
  • Chakra Blend
  • Chakra Blend
  • Chakra Blend
  • Chakra Blend
  • Chakra Blend
  • Chakra Blend

Mullein & Sparrow

Chakra Blend

$ 18.00

These seven blends have been crafted to help balance your chakras.


When balanced, the root chakra supports our center of stability, security and sense of belonging.
Use for grounding and to promote feelings of connectedness. Notes of oak moss and sandalwood.


When balanced, the sacral chakra supports our creative expression, passionate energy, sensuality and intimacy. Use to honor relationship with others and promote feelings of wellness and pleasure. Notes of sandalwood and vetiver.

Solar Plexus

When balanced, the solar plexus chakra supports our center of personal power, motivation and self-confidence. Use to promote feelings of direction, assertiveness and self-possession.


When balanced, the heart chakra supports our sense of love and connection, gratitude and compassion. Use to heal emotions, promote forgiveness and empathy. Notes of rose and bergamot.


When balanced, the throat chakra supports our communication and ability to express our highest truth. Use to communicate your truth through speaking, writing or teaching. Notes of violet and neroli.

Third Eye

When balanced, the third eye chakra supports our intuition, psychic senses and facilitates receiving wisdom and insight. Use to see with inner vision. Notes of Jasmine and palo santo.


When balanced, the crown chakra supports spiritual connection, connection to our higher self and connection to the divine. Use to live more mindfully. Notes of amber and frankincense.

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