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SINCE 1946

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  • Cologne Grand Cru
  • Cologne Grand Cru
  • Cologne Grand Cru
  • Cologne Grand Cru
  • Cologne Grand Cru
  • Cologne Grand Cru
  • Cologne Grand Cru
  • Cologne Grand Cru


Cologne Grand Cru

$ 88.00

Oud Al Sahraa

A captivating wood perfume of oud wood.  Remarkable, powerful Oud Al Sahraa Cologne elegantly unfurls its charm.  Our perfumers pay homage to voluptuous oud wood and reveal all the sensuality of the Orient.

Notes: Italian Mandarin, Namibian Myrrh and Malaysian Agarwood.

Somei Yoshino

A delicate perfume of cherry blossom.  Somei-Yoshino, with its discreet elegance and subtle refinement, inspires contemplation.  Our perfumers have composed a tale with tender serene overtones.  The spirit of Japan captured in a glass bottle.

Notes: Japanese Shiso, Indonesian Patchouli and Indian Jasmine.

Assam of India

The subtle perfume of tea leaves.  The generosity of black Assam tea grown at sea level, exudes finesse and firmness.  Adventure beckons.  This embodiment of Assam tea reveals unexpected intensity.  The colors of India in a glass bottle.  

Notes: Menton Lemon, Mysore Sandalwood and Indian Tea.

Selva Do Brazil

The simplicity of a botanical perfume.  Our perfumers have recreated the Selva-the rainforest-by melding a dry, inimitable green note that reveals its original bold nature.  The vivacity of Brazil in a glass bottle.  

Notes: Paraguayan Petitgrain, Brazilian Tonka Bean and Argentinian Guaiac.

Scorza Di Sicilia

A sweet citrus perfume.  Our perfumers recall their real or imaginary wanderings through Sicily.  The "Scorza" bark generously asserts its sparking character to reveal the bright, suave sweetness of a sun drenched fruit.  The boldness of Sicily in a glass bottle.

Notes: Calabrian Lemon, Virginian Cedar and Indonesian Vetiver. 

Arz El-Rab

The natural elegance of wood-sober and authentic.  The legendary ceders of Mount Lebanon, Ar El-Rab, are describes as the Cedars of God forest.  Our perfumers invite you on a journey to the heard of the Orient.  The lure of Lebanon in a glass bottle.  

Notes: Moroccan Iris, Chinese Ginger and Virginian Cedar.

Vanira Moorea

A solar and tropical perfume. Vanira Moorea revels a wild and sensual vanilla with delicious addictive notes. The islands' exoticism in a glass bottle.

Notes: Tahitian Vanilla, Brazilian Orange, Petitgrain from Paraguay.

Maasai Mara

The authenticity of a warm, spicy perfume. Produced by a spicy blend with subtle honeyed notes, Maasai Mara encapsulates a journey to the heart of Africa's untamed Maasai Mara lands. Maasai Mara generously asserts its personality and beckons you to discover unspoiled nature. The wild beauty of Africa in a glass bottle.

Notes: Egyptian Blue Chamomile, Spanish Labdanum, South African Buchu.

Russkaya Kozha

An elegant leather fragrance. A blend of the most noble raw materials, Russkaya Kozha develops into an intense, mysterious perfume. The beauty of Imperial Russia is revealed through this intense, thoroughbred blend. All the sophistication of Russia captured in a glass bottle.

Notes: Spanish Cade Wood, Malaysian Siam Benzoin, Guatemalan Cardamom.

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3.38 fl oz/ 100ml