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SINCE 1946

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  • Wood Scented Candles
  • Wood Scented Candles
  • Wood Scented Candles
  • Wood Scented Candles
Wood Scented Candles

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Carrière Frères

Wood Scented Candles

$ 45.00


From the Arabic “Anbar”, this tree resin is fossilized into a yellow, orange or brown rock of shimmering honey. Considered a gem, amber is the lightest of them all and is believed
to possess medicinal, even magical virtues. It’s ashes exude an abundant fragrance of sacred and protective powers.


A tree of the Pinaceae family, the cedar first grew in the atlases of North Africa. Light and sturdy, cedar wood is a favourite of carpenters and cabinet-makers. Its natural fragrance makes it a good insect repellent, and the Egyptians used its resin to embalm their dead. In aromatherapy, cedar oil fends off anxiety.


Cinnamon bark has been known for more than 4500 years. It was used as a spice, but also for medicinal purposes. Egyptians associated it with aloe, myrrh and with other substances for embalming and the conception of essential oils and perfumes. It is also quoted in the tales of The Thousand and One Nights for its aphrodisiac properties.
Cinnamon is native to Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon in the south-eastern coast of India. Despite its exotic and distant origins, cinnamon was known and widely used during antiquity. The Arabs were the first to introduce it to the west and dominated its trade for centuries via their network of trade routes that went as far as China.


Ebony is the name given to the dark brown, sometimes black, tissue called “duramen” found under the bark of Ebenaceae trees. Praised for its sturdiness and density, ebony is used to carve precious furniture pieces and refined musical instruments. Ebony trees are found in the tropical regions of the Old World, and are sought out for the enchanting smell that rises from their ashes.



The Latin word Titio designates burnt or burning wood. Since the dawn of times, men have practiced the burning of crops to allow their cultivated soils to regenerate, and in turn to strengthen their harvest. The fumes of smoked grass and cinder comfort the soul, and put this ancestral scent in the “Leather” family of fragrances. In the language of dreams, firewood denotes good fortune.



Sandalwoods are wild fragrant trees with tenacious leaves that grow in India’s Mysore state. Its wood was often used in building temples that to this day have kept its penetrating scent. Sandalwood oil has been used as a remedy for ailments for over four thousand years, and is a common fixative in perfumery. It is present in Hindu and Buddhist rituals, the former often making the bindi dot out of its paste, the later turning it into incense. In Chinese medicine, sandalwood increases longevity, and builds confidence and determination.


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  • Size - 4.95 oz / 140g
  • Weight: 17.5 oz