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SINCE 1946

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  • Embossed Box of 22 Arancia di Capri
Embossed Box of 22 Arancia di Capri

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Embossed Box of 22 Arancia di Capri

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This box of individually wrapped Arancia di Capri Pottymints contains 22 non-toxic, septic-tank safe tablets that dissolve quickly and translucently. Arancia di Capri has a sensual fragrance that combines fresh citrus notes of juicy nectarine and orange blossom with hints of water lily and caramel.

After the flush is complete, remove the Pottymints' packaging and drop the tablet in the toilet for a lasting, fresh fragrance. Each tablet's fragrance will last approximately 2-3 flushes after dissolving. 

Whether on display, stored in a drawer or cabinet, or floating around your bag, Pottymints are a sophisticated solution for what comes after the flush.

Available in Two Colors:

  • Black
  • White

Additional Information:

13.6 oz / 384 g