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SINCE 1946

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  • Handmade Beard Comb
  • Handmade Beard Comb
  • Handmade Beard Comb
  • Handmade Beard Comb
  • Handmade Beard Comb
  • Handmade Beard Comb

Burton and Levy

Handmade Beard Comb

$ 28.00 - $ 42.00

Their design is laser cut in the United States from stainless steel. Each comb is hand-finished a satin finish, adding a leather strap and cherry wood tag before packaging.

The Berel Sterling Silver

A slyly curved smaller comb.

This comb is named after my great grandfather, Berel (BJ to his family). He was a cabinet maker in the Old Country. When he moved to the US, he put his skills and patience into building wooden auto body prototypes for the budding auto industry!

4 inches in length

The Doyle Brass

An heirloom in the making.

The Doyle presents a classic design in a classic material. This brass comb is patterned after Doyle, my great uncle, Papa David's younger brother. A mathematician, a teacher, a southern gentleman and a snappy dresser - in my family, Doyle was a role-model. His name evokes personality, charm, and classic style. One of a kind.

The Doyle arrives lightly buffed with conservationist's wax, which will give way with use. Your comb will develop gold and brown tones in patterns unique to you.

3.25 inches in length

The Irving Sterling Silver & Brass

A larger comb with a bold, modern look.

The Irving is named after my late grandfather (dad’s side). Believe me, he lived to do everything... twice. Art connoisseur and self-taught historian, he was a discerning man who was often thrifty, but he knew the value of beautiful things.

Under materials, choose the Irving in durable, smooth stainless steel or timeless brass. The brass Irving is something really special - extra soft finish, beautiful yellow color that will darken to brown and gold tones unique to you. The brass Irving is the crème de la crème.

5 inches in length

The Papa David Sterling Silver

A larger comb with traditional curves.

Papa David was my mom’s dad—quite a man. He knew a bit about business but even more about family, teaching us to take our time and keep our health. Don’t worry if you don’t catch anything while out fishing, and learn to appreciate a nip of Jack. Laugh often.

5 inches in length

The Andrew Ryan Sterling Silver

Sleek, with a light feel and a tight look.

The Andrew Ryan is a sleek comb with a light feel and a tight look. I named the Andrew Ryan after my older brother, who appreciates contemporary style with a nostalgic feel. He’s a bit of a purist when it comes to materials and handmade things.

3.5 inches in length


Additional Information:

Great for cropped and long beards alike.