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  • Organic Deodorant Cream
  • Organic Deodorant Cream
  • Organic Deodorant Cream
Organic Deodorant Cream

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Ruma Organics

Organic Deodorant Cream

$ 20.00

Ruma Organic's premier product is a proprietary blend of organic corn starchaluminum free sodium bicarbonate, and organic virgin coconut oil. The essential oils have their own health benefits, and also provide a light and pleasant scent. 

Unlike paraben-based stick deodorants that sit on the surface of your armpits and masks odor, Ruma Organics deodorant absorbs quickly into your skin and prevents odor from forming at all. 

To use as an underarm deodorant, simply rub a small amount into the underarm until it is completely absorbed. Women will generally require about ¼ - ½ teaspoon per arm, while men might need ½ to a full teaspoon or more, depending on size and the amount of underarm hair. 

While we created this product and sell it as an underarm deodorant, we’re hearing that it has been used successfully in a variety of ways, such as:

  • A scrub for chapped, dry lips
  • Toothpaste. For a natural whitening effect, use 2 or 3 times per week.
  • A facial scrub
  • In place of shaving cream
  • To soothe eczema & mosquito bites
  • To alleviate foot odor

$1 from every order of Essential Peppermint goes to support The Pink Fund's mission of providing Financial Aid and Support for Breast Cancer Patients and Survivors! Visit their website The Pink Fund to learn more about this great cause!


Additional Information:


Keep your jar of Ruma Cosmetics Organic Deodorant at room temperature. The coconut oil will liquefy in a hot car! 

Warm Weather Shipping

Due to the sensitive nature of this product, overnight or 2-day shipping is highly recommended during warm weather months. Although we refrigerate this product before shipping, it may melt in transit. If customer chooses ground shipping during the months of May-September, we will continue to ship, but will not be responsible for replacing or crediting product melted in transit.