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SINCE 1946

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  • Peng Lai Eau de Parfum
Peng Lai Eau de Parfum

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Peng Lai Eau de Parfum

$ 85.00

The perfumers at Berdoues have stopped time with Peng Lai, a fragrant interpretation of a Chinese legend. Peng Lai tells the tale of a mythic island where the goddess of flowers, He Xiangu, sojourned. This fragrance invites you to daydream and reveals one of China's most precious flowers, the Osmanthus. The delicacy of China captured in a glass bottle.

Osmanthus comes from a shrub and has given its name to the city of Guilin, which means "Osmanthus Forest" in Chinese. Sweet and fruity, Osmanthus has apricot notes that also bring to mind dried fruit such as prunes. Its scent is sensual, subtle and soft.

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3.38 fl. oz / 100 ml