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SINCE 1946

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  • Pozzo Di Borgo Perfume
  • Pozzo Di Borgo Perfume
  • Pozzo Di Borgo Perfume
  • Pozzo Di Borgo Perfume
  • Pozzo Di Borgo Perfume
Pozzo Di Borgo Perfume

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Pozzo Di Borgo

Pozzo Di Borgo Perfume

$ 175.00

23 Janvier

23 Janvier is an intimate and luminous perfume, where the white and powdered notes of iris come together with the green freshness of fig under the sensuality of musks and the excitability of spices. A perfume that is at once feminine and dynamic, for all those who love to seduce without making it seem so.

Notes: Iris, Fig, Cardamom, Benzoin

8 Mars 1764

8 Mars 1764 pays homage to the raw power exuded by real men of influence by taking the sparkling fresh scent of citrus and elevating it with the subtle aroma of a drop of cognac poured into rich, hot coffee then set on a woody backdrop of grand elegance.

Notes: Citron, Cistus Labdanum, Essence of cognac, Essence of coffee

19 Mai 1957

19th of May 1957, represents the adventurer, one who shares a love for extreme sports and the great outdoors. This fragrance is warm, powerful and mysterious. Each drop of this fragrance contains the memory of a trip to an arid and rocky landscape, sunburned, where the salty mist of the sea comes to caress eucalyptus, cistus, lavender and oregano. Distant scents of powdered heliotrope and of liquorous immortelle offer an image of a soft and cottony case, leaving only a sensual, amber imprint on the skin.

Notes: Coriander, lavender and heliotrope

24 Octobre 1985

24th of October 1985,is a fresh, euphoric and addictive perfume... Completely irresistible. At first breath, the fragrance refreshes like a grapefruit mojito: the chords of rum and mint merge with energetic citrus notes in a quenching scent. Then, the delicious notes of a pear and blackcurrant sorbet appear, enhanced by a sensual rose scent. On the skin, a powdery and woody impression leaves a wake of absolute pleasure.

Notes: Galbanum, ambrette and vetiver

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