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  • Purify + Clarify Facial Wash
Purify + Clarify Facial Wash

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Purify + Clarify Facial Wash

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PURIFY + CLARIFY™ 3-in-1 Treatment that gently refines skin as it foams away impurities and balances moisture levels. Featuring Aqualumine™, a proprietary blend of enzymes derived from red caviar – nature's alternative to chemical exfoliants — it lifts away dead skin cells, clarifies without irritation, and adds a touch of moisture as well. Cell Protection Proteins®, LIFTLAB's patented damage-reversing weapon from the Arctic, encourages cell turnover to reveal smoother, more radiant skin.

Morning and evening, activate a pearl-sized amount between fingertips with water until foaming. For daily cleansing, gently massage over damp skin avoiding the eye area, then rinse. For use as a deep-cleansing, exfoliating mask, 1-2 times weekly, leave on for 3-5min., then rinse. Follow with LIFT + FIX™ Restore Serum or LIFT + REPAIR™ Correct Serum.


Additional Information:

4.4 fl oz / 125 ml


Aqualumine™, a proprietary blend of enzymes derived from red caviar, nature’s alternative to chemical exfoliants, to lift away dead skin cells and clarify without irritation.
Olivem® 300, a natural, olive oil derivative that is water-soluble and close to the skin’s own sebum to enrich and soften the surface
Botanicals, to provide antioxidant protection