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  • Shaving Cream in a Tube
  • Shaving Cream in a Tube
  • Shaving Cream in a Tube
Shaving Cream in a Tube

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Shaving Cream in a Tube

$ 10.00

Proraso shave formulas undergo a traditional “hot process” to achieve an extremely fine, dense and full-bodied soap that makes for the ultimate shave. This formula goes through a  three-day maturation period that makes the soap soft and creamy.  When this soap is used with a brush, the result is a rich, full-lathering foam. The traditional formula is enriched with natural ingredients and has been specifically designed to enhance skin-softening.


Kairete butter softens the skin, making it more elastic. Sandal oil has a calming and soothing effect. GLYCERIN encourages a smooth shave, reducing irritation and redness.


Aloe Vera has a highly soothing and refreshing effect. Vitamin E fights free radicals. Licorice extract has calming properties and reduces redness.


Eucalyptus oil has a toning and purifying effect. Menthol has refreshing and revitalizing properties. Glycerin encourages a smooth shave, reducing irritation and redness.


Suitable for sensitive skin. Leaves the skin soft and protected. A rich and dense shaving cream that protects the skin like an invisible shield and helps to minimize the irritation from shaving.


    Additional Information:

    5.2 oz / 150 ml