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SINCE 1946

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  • Regents Shaving Soap
Regents Shaving Soap

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The Holy Black

Regents Shaving Soap

$ 34.00

The Holy Black, in collaboration with Caswell-Massey, has revisited a 150 year old grooming recipe with their Regents Shaving Soap. Using The Holy Black's signature hot-process formula, The Regents Shaving Soap is made with only the purest essential oils and absolutes available.

With a rosemary top note that is surprisingly mild in comparison to its eucalyptic element, Regents is an otherwise strictly citrus fragrance with heavy notes of neroli oil and bitter orange absolute.

This luxurious Shaving Soap is made in small batches at low temperatures. Though making this product is highly labor intensive, the end result is worth every minute.

Additional Information:

5.3 oz / 150 g