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SINCE 1946

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  • Rose of Damascus Ma'amoul Soap with Marble Plate
Rose of Damascus Ma

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Senteurs d'Orient

Rose of Damascus Ma'amoul Soap with Marble Plate

$ 78.00

Each piece of veined grey and pink rosa aurora marble plate is hand-engraved with Senteurs d'Orient's unique filigree, shaped and smoothed by artisans in Lebanon to elegantly hold your soap. Mixing ritual and amenity, this versatile plate is designed to fit all of the Ma'amoul soap shapes while avoiding the common issue of water remaining on the dish. 

Senteurs d'Orient's Rose of Damascus Ma'amoul Soap contains a feminine, elegant blend of real roses that is instantly mood-uplifting. This soap is created with a blend of geranium, guaiac, litsea, mint, bay and lime essential oils.

All Senteurs d'Orient products are free of parabens, colorants, silicones, titanium dioxide, EDTA, and tallow.

Additional Information:

10.7 oz / 305 g