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SINCE 1946

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$ 10.00

L’Homme Soap

Created with Orange Leaves used in aroma therapy to calm the nervous system. L’Homme – an anti stress formula for men and is hydrating enough for shaving. Beautiful emerald cut sculpted soaps are loved by men and women. Navy–gray handmade box with silver overlay.

Gardenia Soap

Soft and sensuous gardenia fragrance. White soaps beautifully embossed with flowers on the face of each bar of soap. Handmade box of white silk moire paper with a cobalt blue overlay.

Tuberose Soap

Often mistaken for a rose, Tuberose is a night blooming, tropical flower used often in Hawaii for leis. A complex, exotic and sweet floral fragrance. Pink embossed soaps nested in a soft pink silk moire hand made paper covered box with with fuchsia pink overlay.

Iris Royal Soap

Stunning pearl-lavender silk moire paper covered handmade box with a Rancé Crest in gold overlay on top of box. Floral embossed white soaps are made with the subtle fragrance of Iris flowers.

Magnolia Soap

Flower embossed soaps with the soft fragrance of Magnolia flowers. Presented in a medium green box with Magnolia flowers and dark green and magenta overlay.

Jasmine Royal Soap

Gorgeous presentation in a pale pearl-pink, silk moire paper covered handmade box with a Rancé Crest in gold overlay on top of box. Flower embossed soaps are created with a soft Jasmine fragrance. A beautiful gift.

Honeysuckle Soap

Intoxicating fragrance of Honeysuckle flowers is the predominant scent in Rancé Chevrefeulle-Honeysuckle Soap. White soaps are embossed with flowers on each 3.5 ounce bar of soap. A gold-yellow handmade box with Honeysuckle flowers on the front of the box with fuchsia pink and green overlay.

Olio di Rose Soap

Designed for the true rose lover with a blend of three precious rose oils. Beautiful handmade, pink embossed soaps in a mint green silk moire paper box with gold overlay.


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