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  • Swedish Dream Soap
  • Swedish Dream Soap
  • Swedish Dream Soap
Swedish Dream Soap

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Swedish Dream

Swedish Dream Soap

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Seaweed Soap

Active marine algae extracted from seaweed acts as a protective moisturizer and nutrient for the skin. The removal of dead surface cells allows this specially formulated seaweed soap to gently clarify and remove impurities, leaving the skin fresh and clean.


Sea Salt Soap

Mineral rich salts naturally obtained from seawater are used in the bath because of their tonic action and softening effect on the skin. Wash with this sea salt infused soap for an invigorating and refreshing shower or lather up for a skin-healthy shave. 


Sea Aster Soap

The sea aster is naturally resilient and filled with strengthening skin nutrients. The flowers are harvested from salty waters on the shores of Northern Europe. The word “aster” means “star”. SWEDISH DREAM SEA ASTER SOAP contains sea aster extract (aster tripolium) from a maritime flower with anti-inflammatory benefits that retain moisture.


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