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Double, double toil and trouble...

Posted: Oct 12 2018

Trick or treats for you

As summer dwindles and the crisp fall air sweeps in, we can’t help but let our inner witches, vampires or other creatures of the night shine through. But if filling cauldrons with newt eyes, frog toes or lizard’s legs to reap the benefits of black magic is a little outside your comfort zone, fear not, because we’re filling our store with plenty of wonderous treats made for the season. From magical snake oil and spellbinding fragrances to enchanting incense and smudge sticks that will transform your home into an autumnal sanctuary, stop in today to find everything you’ll need to get in the spirit of this bewitching time of year.  

Featured Products for October



Elemense Nukubai Insense - Each scent of Elemense Incense is a blend of natural aromatic materials. These fragrances are inspired by both the "Ten Virtues of Koh" and the ancient Chinese belief of the five elements. Nukubai, the element "Do," helps to heal loneliness and will bring peace of mind from the warmth of the ash. With notes of sandalwood, patchouli, tobacco, and vanilla, Nukubai's fragrance will draw your senses into the transcendent world of incense and leave an unforgettable imprint in your memory.

L:A Bruket Fragrance Hanger in Black Oak This L:A Bruket Black Oak Fragrance Tag will establish a deliciously inviting atmosphere in your home, car, or anywhere you'd like to hang it. With its scent of blackened oak and Nordic woods, this fragrance tag is formulated with cashmere wood and birch to give you a calming and strengthening aromatic experience to help bring your soul back to nature.

Kent Monster Beard Brush - The new Monster Beard Brush from Kent has a spherical handle and a curved neck. It’s the head of the brush that really sets The Monster apart from its slighter sibling. The narrow head is now replaced by a much larger beechwood oval design which is filled with long tufts of hand blended horse hair and nylon.

Cire Trudon Heart Pillar Candle - Part of Cire Trudon's SIX Collection, this pillar candle highlights our sixth sense, our heart. The Heart Pillar Candle is milled, colored and decorated in Cire Trudon's Normandy atelier.

Agent Nature Holi(man) Deodorant - Holi (man) No. 5 is a seductive, handmade blend of arousing Vetiver, heart opening Rose, calming Sandalwood, leathery Cistus, and warm Cedarwood. No. 5 is the number of manifestation. It is free spirited and creative. The essence of No. 5 aligns with freedom to pursue that which fills your heart with passion and purpose.

The Holy Black Snake Oil - The Holy Black's Snake Oil is the only multipurpose grooming oil you'll ever need. You can use it as a pre-shave treatment, beard oil, hair tonic, anti-dandruff treatment for your scalp and beard, leave-in conditioner, or anti-frizz treatment. Snake Oil can even be used to prevent rust on your razor and as a lubricant for your electric hair clipper in a pinch. Lightly fragranced with The Holy Black's signature gunpowder spice scent, Snake Oil has the classically spicy scent of traditional men's grooming products with the aroma of freshly fired black gunpowder.

Carthusia Terra Mia Eau de Parfum - An ode to Naples, Carthusia's Terra Mia opens with notes of bergamot, neroli and pink pepper that greet you like an Italian song and the sound of laughter inspired by the region's iconic Pulcinella. Just a slight whiff of jasmine and rose hint at a mild season more peaceful in Naples than anywhere else. The aroma of coffee, joined by hazelnut cream and orange blossom absolute, fills the air while the warmth of a sunny Neapolitan day is represented by vanilla and amber woods, culminating in a unisex fragrance that conquers both palates and hearts.

Juniper Ridge White Sage Smudge Stick - Juniper Ridge's White Sage Smudge Sticks are sustainably harvested and will transport you to nature, helping you imagine its beautiful leaf clusters and enormous flower stalks bursting forth in the spring, painting fantastic streaks of white against the rustic, green hillsides.


New Brand Spotlight.

There is a rising in the world, the rising of feminine energy, and the unfolding is a collective consciousness. This feminine energy is what the world needs to heal and transform. Welcome back to Mills, Coreterno’s Aphrodite Collection. Captivating scented candles in gilded glory.


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