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Fall Is Here

Posted: Sep 23 2019


Bonfires… Hot cider and donuts… Freshly fallen leaves… Autumn is full of wonderful scents, so we’re celebrating its arrival with our own collection of fragrances that perfectly compliment the season. Stop in today to shop our collection of iconic brands like Santa Maria Novella, Mad et Len and Carthusia and find something to make this fall unforgettable.


Featured Products for Fall Scents


Blackbird Incense - Handmade in Seattle, Blackbird Incense is sure to take you on an olfactive journey that delights every sense.

Carthusia Terra Mia Eau de Parfum - An ode to Naples, Carthusia's Terra Mia opens with notes of bergamot, neroli and pink pepper that greet you like an Italian song and the sound of laughter inspired by the region's iconic Pulcinella. Just a slight whiff of jasmine and rose hint at a mild season more peaceful in Naples than anywhere else. The aroma of coffee, joined by hazelnut cream and orange blossom absolute, fills the air while the warmth of a sunny Neapolitan day is represented by vanilla and amber woods, culminating in a unisex fragrance that conquers both palates and hearts.

Urban Apothecary Oudh Geranium Diffuser - Take a trip to the Middle East through this musky memory of a magical place with rich mysterious vibes. Oudh Geranium’s soulful trail taps easily into the senses, promoting a meditative mood. It brings inner peace to this fragrance, a concept that never gets old. This majestic and rich Oudh Geranium scented diffuser is one of the most highly valued ingredients of the perfumer’s palette. This rare and resinous wood from a tropical tree is loved for its smoky and aromatic woody character. In this oriental composition, the unique scent of oudh is freshened with geranium’s rosy tones and deepened with smooth notes of amber, vetiver, patchouli and praline.

Santa Maria Novella Pomegranate in Scented Terracotta - A reproduction of the pomegranate fruit, handcrafted in terracotta.  It is soaked in Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella’s Melograno fragrance which is released slowly in the air.  Place on the plate provided in the box in order to avoid direct contact with all other surfaces. 

SOH Melbourne Hazel Candle - These hand poured Australian candles are scented to be a natural reflection of each ingredient, and are highly concentrated for maximum throw. 

Kenna Nicole Paloma Candle - The fragrance of grapefruit, juniper, and rosemary help create the perfect natural atmosphere, wherever you are. 

MAD et LEN Terre Noire - Presented in a hand-worn metal tin, MAD et LEN candles are hand poured to order.  Made with all natural scents and vegetal wax, these scents are earthy with an ode to classic French fragrances.  

Kerosene Copper Skies - The sky is a thick copper hue, painted in bands of honey, cloves and amber. Below the horizon, sweet basil drifts from dark cedar trees embedded with tobacco leaves beneath the bark. The air is smokey, spicy and slightly sweet. Your mouth creases into a small simper as the presence of fragrance is taken in. Notes: Amber, Cedar, Tobacco, Honeycomb, Basil, and Cloves.

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