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SINCE 1946

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Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella is one of the world's oldest pharmacies. First founded in 1221 in Florence by the Dominican Friars who started making herbal remedies and potions to use in the monastery.   Many of Santa Maria Novella’s products have become a part of history: the world famous pot-pourri is still handcrafted in large terra.  Some of the oldest products from Santa Maria Novella are among the most popular today.

Santa Maria Novella products are made on site at their own factory in Florence. Local ingredients are used whenever possible and the products are never tested on animals. Each batch is hand made and supervised according to age old recipes and artisanal methods. All batches are rigorously controlled using strict guidelines to ensure consistency of product and maximum safety for the consumer.


To purchase Santa Maria Novella products, please contact us at 248.644.5060 or email us here. 

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