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SINCE 1946

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  • Drawer Lining Paper
  • Drawer Lining Paper
  • Drawer Lining Paper
  • Drawer Lining Paper
Drawer Lining Paper

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Castelbel Ambiente

Drawer Lining Paper

$ 25.00

The outstanding beauty of rural Portugal is reflected in the artwork of Castelbel beautifully fragrant drawer liners. Made to create your own fragrant personal space in your drawers and closets, these liners ensure that clothing, sheets and towels impart the exquisite aroma of your choice.


"Swaying in the summer breeze of the Portuguese hills, both the color and the unique fragrance of lavender flowers are captured by this relaxing scent. De-stressing body and mind, this is a fragrant antidote to our fast paced world."


This beautiful and timeless flower has layer upon layer of delicate petals, each releasing whispers of soft floral fragrance. Taken from the rural gardens of Portugal, this is a truly elegant aroma.

Fig & Pear

The sensuous flesh of soft, ripe figs and crisp autumn pears are blended together in this delicious fragrance, capturing the dense country orchard full of sunshine and sugar.

White Jasmine

As night time falls, the Jasmine flower is revealed in all its beauty, releasing an intensely floral yet delicate, sweet, alluring and unreservedly feminine fragrance.

Additional Information:

Contains 5 drawer liners